43” Wide x 86.5” High

Giclee Print, Original Carved Glass, Embellished

Firefly is a burlesque fairy creature, whose form combines the seductive form of a temptress with unique insect-like elements and jewelry all accented by the carved glass in the front. The original image was created using paint, gold leaf, pen and ink, and airbrushed liquid graphite on tempered glass.


The Mermaid Ibiza

37" Wide x 76" High

Giclee Print, mounted in custom frame with original, hand carved, glass

Ibiza is a young mermaid warrior princess from the Mediterranean sea, in consultation with a frog who loves her, The Mermaid Ibiza was originally carved in glass, and then a rubbing was made from the glass carving.  The glass, and the rubbing - two individual works of art - were then combined to create the image you see here.  The glass in front of the printed image was carved by hand to accentuate elements of the underlying image.  As light moves across the piece, the carved glass sparkles and shifts, adding a three dimensional element to the work.



43” Wide x 63” High

Giclee Print, Original Carved Glass, Embellished

Catherine is a warrior Angel, confident, unafraid, driving all darkness before her. Created by hand using pencil, and graphite on durolar, this image is notable because it is the first time the artist created a drawing that was not intended to be carved in glass later, but would stand alone as an original drawing. Durolar is a material that is translucent like paper, but it does not allow one to erase any errors.



58" Wide x 56" High

Embellished Giclee Print, Original Carved Glass, Custom LED lighted frame

Ariadne is the youngest daughter of the King of the Minoan Cretes.  She is the one who gave Perseus the thread to use to find his way back out of the Labrynth after slaying the Minotaur.  She is worshipped with offerings of honey.  The original creation is on the face of a frosted mirror using airbrushed liquid graphite. The glass in front of the piece is hand carved to match the underlying creation, to add a three dimensional effect, and then framed with a custom inset LED process to make the cut glass glow, sparkle, and change shape.


The Blue Angel

36” Wide x 68” High

Print on Scroll Material with custom valance frame

A powerful Angel, floating in a blue sky, bringing light to a dark world. Originally created as a commission for a client in glass, the artist stretched muslin across the glass and made a hand print, or rubbing, of the image. This rubbing was then painstakingly embellished with pen and ink and colored pencil to create this image, then scanned at ultra high resolution.


Santa Maria

Santa Maria was created by carving from the front, and then applying color and gold leaf to the carved surface of the glass. The glass and gold shimmer and shift with changes in light.



37" Wide x 80" High

Giclee Print, Original Carved Glass, Custom LED frame

 Two Mermaids, sisters, captured from a brief glimpse of an unguarded moment in time.  The original work is created on glass with ink, mixed media, graphite and gold leaf.  This image was then scanned at ultra-high resolution and printed on Giclee paper.  The paper was then mounted, and a sheet of glass was carved with elements that match the elements of the work beneath, by hand by the artist.  The custom LED frame lights up the piece from the edges and makes the carved glass elements sparkle like gems in front of the design for a breathtaking three-dimensional effect.



48" wide x 48" High

Giclee Print, Original Carved glass, LED frame

 Rhiannon is an ancient Celtic river goddess, and protector of newborn infants.  The original work was created on glass using airbrushed liquid graphite, and then an image was created using ultra-high resolution scanning process and printed as a full size giclee.  The glass in front is hand carved by the artist to add a three dimensional effect - this goddess is under water, and the glass adds to the underwater feeling - then the custom LED frame lights the piece causing the carved glass to sparkle like gems, shifting and changing and bringing the Goddess to life!


Cape Verde (Mermaid Mother and Child) – Colored Glass

Giclee Print, Original Carved Glass, Embellished

A tender moment between a Mermaid mother and her child, this piece was created by carving the detail into a thick panel of glass and then applying color, pastels, and gold leaf.



Giclee Print, Original Carved Glass, Gold Leaf and embellishment

Two mermaids in love, this piece came from an original thumbnail sketch created for a birthday card for the artist's fiancee.  “Lovers” represents the first moment of the artist applying color to glass through airbrushing.


The Oracle

Original Dimensions: 24″×65″

The Oracle was created by carving from the front, and then applying color and gold leaf to the carved surface of the glass. The glass and gold shimmer and shift with changes in light.


Original Dimensions: 5′×4′

Canvas relief original painting.
The relief was created by pressing canvas into the original glass carving, and then beautifully painted with oils, graphite, and inks.



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